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Linked Heroes

Linked Heroes Trading PLC is a global specialist in Manufacturing, Importing, and Exporting of finished and raw materials. Linked Heroes team uses their deep experience and skills to make sure locally manufactured, exported and imported products provide high customer satisfaction. We help customers get the most from their investments by providing quality and cost-effective products and services. Linked Heroes specializes in manufacturing nutritional value-adding foods for export and local consumption. We also import scarce chemicals to fulfill the many manufacturing needs in Ethiopia.

Linking experts globally.

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Core Competencies

Functionality You Will Love


Manufacturing nutritional value-added foods for babies and kids that combat malnutrition.


Export of agricultural products.


Food modification, additives, or substances of manufacture of starch and starch products.


Import Chemicals and raw materials.
Import computer equipment.


Linked Heroes Trading PLC is headquartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with several resources located globally.


We work with all stakeholders cross all domains to manufacture value added products.

Exceptional references illustrating strict Quality Control Standards

Our knowledgeable experts help cut cost and deliver world standard products and services.

We run through policy and provide quality recommendations that aligns with available best standards.

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At Linked Heroes, we deeply appreciate the fundamental principles and ideologies that drive us towards transforming the world by seamlessly aligning self-interest with the greater good, thereby creating boundless growth opportunities. Our primary focus is on establishing mutually beneficial alliances with visionaries, industry leaders, importers, and exporters.

Linked Heroes is dedicated to assisting you in effortlessly identifying reliable, dependable, and financially rewarding partnerships. If you're someone prepared to accomplish something remarkable, living for a purpose greater than yourself, and committed to transforming not only yourself but also your family, community, and the world, then you embody the spirit of a hero, and we extend a warm welcome for you to join forces with Heroes.


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